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True story: I’m not a lover of maternity clothes. Ok ok, there are some things that make life a lot easier when you’re pregnant (one pair of maternity jeans, a few leggings, a pair of shorts— depending what time of year you’re giving birth of course).  A few “true” maternity items can be necessary, but for the most part, in my opinion, pregnancy is just 9 months time.

We probably don’t need a closet full of specific maternity-only clothes when we’re only going to wear them for such a limited period of time. I’m all about quality  and when I do buy things, I want to 100% absolutely love them and wear them for a long time. So if I can’t get a lot (like, *a lottt*) of use out of something, it doesn’t necessarily seem worth it.

But hey, that’s JUST me. If you love maternity clothes or prefer how they feel, then go for it! You do you. For me, maybe it’s the efficiency thing and the logical part of my brain— I’d rather just wear regular clothes, maybe just sized up, so that I can keep wearing them post-baby, too.

Esp for things like workout clothes, or dresses that look good with a bump or without, I like to find a few items or so each pregnancy that feel special and fun (and that I can wear when I’m not pregnant). And depending on the season, there are so many options.

I keep getting DM’s asking for what tanks I’m wearing, workout shorts, dresses, etc so I wanted to round them up here in case anyone else is like me and would rather buy things that last for years vs months. 

So, yep…. This is my non-maternity maternity clothes list. 🙂 You guys know I like doing things a little different than the norm. Maternity clothes that you can wear year-round fits right in with my idea of keeping things simple and intentional and helps me feel beautiful and pulled together in this season especially so. 

Let’s dive in!

My favorite everyday/casual/workout “maternity” clothes 

Best “maternity” dresses:

All my “maternity”(but actually non-maternity) picks this round: 

Best part? All can be worn during pregnancy, or before, or after, or whenever you want to, really. That’s how I roll with my style choices— multitaskers for the win.

Actual Maternity Clothes Picks (for a few necessities that you can’t wear regular clothes for: jeans, shorts, pajamas, a tank or two, swimsuits, etc):

Also, these shoes…. I haven’t taken them off, they’re too comfortable and perfect for summer….and such a great Target find.

And these shoes (pictured above in the blue striped dress), so so many DM’s asking for these. Also so comfortable and cute w/ shorts, dresses, jeans, etc.

Speaking of maternity & babies…

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