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It’s a tough decision on whether or not you should be buying a new wardrobe while you’re pregnant. After all, it’s really only a few short months where you actually have a big belly and need proper maternity wear (although it usually feels like an eternity by the end).

I hear from so many women that they don’t know if they should bother buying new clothes and spend the money if it’s so short-lived. And while I definitely don’t think you need to buy a new wardrobe, there are some items that I think are worth investing in:


I think it’s a good call to have at least 1-2 pairs of jeans you can put on while pregnant. I went with one darker more formal pair and one lighter, torn casual pair. I personally love the side panels versus over the belly, especially because I wore my maternity jeans for a while after giving birth. You don’t need to spend a fortune but I splurged on a pair of Paige and JBrands. Gap, Target and Old Navy all make great options as well.

Neutral Tops: Long Sleeve/Tank/Tee

You can likely get away with just sizing up in regular clothes for the first 6 months BUT once that belly pops, a decent maternity top that fits properly around the belly is so much more flattering than just wearing baggy clothes. I bought 1 white, 1 black and 1 grey each of a tank, tee and long sleeve and just rotated those. You can’t go wrong with neutral staples.

Long Sleeve Black Dress

Not that anyone is really going anywhere right now, but my tight long sleeve black dress saved me during my last pregnancy. It was literally good for any occasion – with white sneakers for a casual look or black booties for going out. I lived in my LBD. I recommend spending a little more on this item as you will get a lot out of it.


I feel like last time I tried every legging on the market so now I’m a maternity legging expert lol. So here’s the thing, the Lululemon Aligns are great – so comfy and will stretch with you to the bitter end. BUT, they offer zero support in the belly and are not flattering by the end because they are not meant for maternity. So there is that awkward space in the fabric around the groin and belly where it looks like your belly is just a continuation of your groin haha. I would recommend getting a pair of them just to wear for comfort but for proper maternity leggings, I would recommend the Blanqi Every Day Legging. It’s the only legging I’ve tried that is tight to the belly, so you get that defined shape the Align lacks, and SO much belly and back support. They are great for wearing postpartum too.


I’d recommend buying once piece that’s a little more fun but still versatile in the wardrobe. I love a good romper or overalls with white sneakers for an easy, comfortable look. The annoying thing about rompers is you always have to pee but they just look so cute and are an quick outfit choice. Again, I would go with a neutral like black or grey because you’ll probably live in it.


Having 1-2 good workout tops and leggings is also key by the end, especially for support. The Blanqi Everyday Leggings are perfect for working out or chilling out. They also make great workout tops. GapFit has some good options too.

So these are the maternity-specific items that I think are worth investing in. I lent a ton of my maternity clothes out to my friends – sharing is caring. And i know people also have success buying second hand and on places like Facebook Market Place. So if you don’t want to splurge, there are lots of options out there.

I did a lot of my shopping at the time in the US (Target) but here is a list of retailers that I think have great options for both Canada + the US:


A Pea in the Pod

Ani + Wren


Old Navy


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