Joy Behar snaps at Meghan McCain after maternity leave return: ‘I did not miss you. Zero.’ – Washington Times

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A segment of ABC’s “The View” derailed Tuesday morning after Joy Behar angrily told Meghan McCain she wasn’t missed while on maternity leave.

Whoopi Goldberg opened the segment to talk about infighting within the Republican and Democratic parties when Ms. Behar and Ms. McCain got into a tense exchange that quickly turned personal.

Ms. Behar argued, “The Republican Party is much more trouble right now, because—”

“Are you kidding me?” Ms. McCain interjected. “You have AOC—”

“Excuse me, am I done?” Ms. Behar fired back. “I’m not done.”

“Well, it’s just, that’s completely inaccurate,” Ms. McCain continued. “You have AOC fighting right now about whether or not she’s going to end up primarying Chuck Schumer … you have The Squad that’s coming out very intensely, very angry that Biden hasn’t filled his Cabinet with more progressives.”

“I was speaking. I was talking,” Ms. Behar responded.

“You missed me so much when I was on maternity leave,” Ms. McCain joked. “You missed me so much. You missed fighting with me.”

“I did not,” Ms. Behar fired back. “I did not miss you. Zero.”

“Oh my God,” Ms. McCain responded. “You know what, that’s so nasty. I was teasing and then she said something rude. Really? That’s so rude.”

Ms. Goldberg then tried to get the segment back under control.

“OK, guys, hold on. Everybody stop,” she interrupted. 

“This is not the way to do it,” she said before moving on to co-host Sara Haines.

Ms. McCain refused to further participate in the conversation, saying she was “really thrown off” by Ms. Behar’s behavior.

Ms. McCain returned to “The View” on Monday after taking three months maternity leave, during which she suffered from postnatal preeclampsia.

The daughter of the late Sen. John McCain appeared to address the dust-up later on Twitter, posting an image that read, “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”

.@JoyVBehar tells @MeghanMcCain: “I did not miss you” while you were off on maternity leave. “Zero!”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott)

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