Ivanka Trump’s Tone Deaf Labor Day Message To Working Mothers Ended Very, Very Badly

by pregnancy journalist

Ivanka Trump has been at her father’s side, literally, with an adjacent office in the White House. Her message for the American people was far different from her father’s vainglorious pats on his own back and Melania Trump’s simple tweet. The first daughter tried, but there was just one problem:

She tweeted a recognition of all the women who stay at home and care for their children:

‘Today, on #LaborDay, let’s also recognize the amazing stay-at-home parents across America, who seldom receive the credit they deserve for the invaluable work that they do, as they nurture and raise the next generation of American workers! Thank you! #HappyLaborDay’

She was right that stay-at-home moms or dads have a tough job. Until the 1980’s, most people understood that homemaking was a full-time and honorable career. That was when one income could support a family — before corporate America and the few wealthiest families sucked all the money out of the middle and working classes.

Then, families found that they could no longer get by on a one-family income. The women Ivanka Trump was addressing have the luxury of staying home and nurturing their own children. Most mothers, thanks to Republican policies such as her father’s $1.7 billion tax giveaway, have no choice but to work.

Corporations soon discovered that people were so fearful of losing their jobs, the businesses could make people do the work of two, three, and even four previous job holders. More money for the shareholders.

No wonder people run around beyond stressed. The last version for each parent has been one of those jobs and a part-time job. Maybe, the first daughter could do something about that, or children of legal immigrants who have been snatched from their mother’s arms?

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