Introducing Flexible Working Mums Hertford…..

by pregnancy journalist

Introducing Flexible Working Mums Hertford…..
Flexible Working…. Mums…. Hertford….. are all the things I am excited about right now!
I am the very proud mummy to my beautiful 4 year old boy and my gorgeous 1 year old girl and living in Hertford is the perfect place for us to be to raising our young children. I am also hugely excited as for the first time in a long time I am focusing on my career and my journey to find flexibility to suit our family life – flexibility has never been so important to us ….. my journey has only just started but already it is inspiring and motivating and has reignited a spark within me.
My journey so far……
I have been fortunate to have had two amazing maternity leaves whilst living in Hertford and I can honestly say there is nowhere I would have rather have done it! I have met some fantastic mums from a variety of backgrounds and career paths all with a passion to succeed and all being amazing role models for their little people.
Transition to working mum brought new challenges for me and lots of questions which I commonly heard within my mum network…. Shall I go back to work full time? Shall I be a stay a home mum for a while? If I do will I struggle to get back into work? Shall I look to work more locally? Shall I ask for part time hours? Shall I follow my dream to become a mumpreuneur? Can I juggle a combination of the above? I have found myself in that same boat twice! It’s confusing.
I learnt so many things after returning to work four days a week after having my little boy, things I wish I had known before…. things like the mum guilt never really goes away, it just evolves…… Wednesdays are a great non working day…… you will become the most efficient and productive that you have ever been…… and you learn that children pick up every illness going when they first start nursery, which is HARD when re-establishing yourself back at work. I am also learning that what worked as a first time mum returning to work doesn’t necessarily suit second time around, especially with the added complexity of school hours to accommodate!
My journey continues…….
So….. second time around I am re-considering my options and waving goodbye to the long hours and tiring commute that working in London brings and I am starting an exciting new journey which has seen Flexible Working Mums Hertford created.
The spotlight is very much on the national flexible working stage so I am shining the light on Hertford and the amazing Mums that live here and will be sharing with you how local mums are making flexible working work for them. I hope that you will take inspiration and encouragement to make flexible working work for you.
There are countless benefits of flexible working so let’s use our amazing local network to inspire each other and share Hertford’s flexible working success. #flexforward
You can find Flexible Working Hertford Mums on Twitter @HertfordMums on Instagram FlexibleWorkingMumsHertford and on Facebook flexibleworkingmumshertford
Pop by and say hello and share your flexible working journey.

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