I, A Mom, Answered Your ~Very Personal~ Questions About Vaginal Childbirth From My Own Experience

by pregnancy journalist


Q: “What does it feel like to get an epidural? I’ve seen videos of moms with epidurals still crying out while giving birth, but I thought the medicine was supposed to eliminate pain?”

A: I was in so much pain while they were administering my epidural that I didn’t even feel it. That’s right: The pain of labor was so intense that I couldn’t even feel the LONG ASS NEEDLE go directly into my spine. (The average epidural needle is eight centimeters — or over three inches — long.) And, after it kicked in, OMG it was life-changing. Full disclosure, though, you are numb from basically your belly button down. So like, you can’t stand or walk until it wears off.

As far as women crying out after an epidural goes…I think it’s kind of a natural thing that happens when you are pushing so hard. You can’t feel the contractions, but you can feel this awful sensation that you need to push and you have to keep pushing as hard as you can to get the head out. I think it is more of an “I’m pushing so hard I need to yell” type of thing. And the people who don’t have the epidural, that’s just sheer pain. Bless them.


Q: “Were there any surprises during or after childbirth?” – Anonymous

A: Yes. In the middle of labor, my son’s heart rate dropped and they wheeled me away for an emergency C-section. That’s the thing about labor — don’t have a perfect plan because there’s a high probability it won’t go the way you envisioned. You have to trust that the doctors are doing what is best for you and your baby. Anyway, while they were prepping me for a C-section, my son’s heart rate started going back up and — long story short — they brought me back to my old room to delivery vaginally. It was an emotional roller coaster.

After I delivered my son, I had to deliver the placenta. I did not know this. The nurse pushes on your stomach to get it to come out and it actually hurt pretty bad for me…like intense pressure. Luckily, it only takes about ten minutes. If you’re brave enough, ask to see it after it comes out. It looks like a raw pot roast.


Q: “When was the last time you had sex before having the baby? What about after? Was it the same?” – Anonymous

A: Technically this isn’t a question about “birth” specifically, but I had a lot of sex questions, so I will talk about my sex life for the betterment of women and moms-to-be everywhere! The night I went into labor, I remember begging my husband to have sex with me. It was awful for both of us and it’s a miracle I didn’t fart during it because I was real gassy that night, lol. But, I was overdue, I had been sleeping on a recliner for two weeks, and I was desperate to do anything to get my son out. A couple hours after we had sex, I went into labor. This was probably coincidental and not because of the sex, and obviously it’s not something I am recommending because you should always consult your doctor first!

As far as sex afterward… Well, it was a scary moment in time for my vagina – she had been through hell and back, and I was not about to force her to do anything she wasn’t ready for. My stitches dissolved after about two to three weeks and then after about a month, I was “cleared” by my OB-GYN for intercourse. However, I was still terrified, so we waited like six weeks. We used a lot of lube and, to my surprise, it honestly felt exactly like it did before I even got pregnant. And maybe I had one too many glasses of wine in preparation beforehand, but I swear I felt tighter! 😜

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