How To Shop For Maternity Clothes

by pregnancy journalist

Guess what? Of course you can look chic and gorgeous during your pregnancy. While choosing maternity clothes that will fit and flatter your baby bump may seem like a overwhelming process,there is no need to worry – shopping can actually be fun and exciting when you know what to look for! Moreover, buying that fit well and cater to your usual style, will certainly boost your confidence.

When is it time to buy maternity clothes? The rule of thumb is: there is no specific time! It really depends on when your regular clothes start to feel too tight and uncomfortable. For obvious reasons of bloating around your midsection, pants and skirts are the first things you’ll start to outgrow. So,if you find yourself repeatedly unbuttoning your pants, then it’s time! By the fourth month, you’ll likely need some new bras – maternity/nursing bras will offer you best value in the long run

Below are tips that will guide you as you shop for your maternity clothes:

  1. Know what you need

It’s better if you shop at actual maternity stores like Seven Women that is meant exclusively for maternity fashion. If you just shop at the department stores, the options could be relatively limited and you won’t benefit from the guidance you’ll get at a dedicated shop, they’ll guide you on best options from a wide selection. If you shop at online maternity stores like Seven Women, you can conveniently choose among the many options that suit your exact style. Plus, their maternity clothes are designed to still look good on you throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

  1. Keep your size and body type in mind

If this is your first pregnancy, you probably do not know how your body is going to change as your baby develops. Take note that the sizes you buy may be based on your pre-pregnancy condition. Therefore, it makes it hard for first-time mums-to-be to select a size. Ultimately, it all boils down to buying clothes that make you feel comfortable. One observation, if you have a tendancy to gain weight in a localized area when you’re not pregnant, your weight gain during pregnancy will follow a similar patter. Again, experienced sales associates at dedicated maternity stores, like Seven Women, can guide you in this process. They even offer belly forms so that you can visually see how much room the clothing will offer you.

Among the must-haves is a classic body con dress in caviar black – it works great under a suit jacket for those needing a corporate look, and does double duty for date night due to it’s sexier cut. Quality basic tops, with a form fit makes a great staple, as they too can be worn to the office and then paired with maternity jeans and leggings on the weekend

  1. Consider the material

Go for stretchable, durable materials. There are now more and more that allow better stretchability. Some good options arepontie, Lycra, stretch denim, and so on.

  1. Lighter fabrics are intentional.

When you’re pregnant, your body temperature naturally increases due to the extra blood flow boosting your metabolism. That’s why pregnant women are less likely to feel cold. Good designer brands know this, and intentionally design their clothes with lighter fabrics, even in colder months. Don’t underestimate norther climates though, you’ll still need a winter coat or a belly expanded panel if you’re winter months are typically below zero.

  1. Don’t forget about undergarments

Undergarments are the most ignored and forgotten part of maternity wear. They are essential since most women will experience an increase in their bra size. Sports bras offer great support while excercising, but they will not flatter you during your day-to-day dressing. Want to know how badly they can really look, try wearing one under a dress. Then try wearing a proper bra under the same dress. Wearing a sports bra for normal and dressy occasions, you’re breasts will look very heavy and saggy and can actually age your appearance

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is a beautiful chapter, and you should enjoy every part of it– even the maternity clothes shopping part. As long as you take the time to read up on the best tips, you can most likely make the best purchasing decision and get the best bang for the buck.

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