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by pregnancy journalist

With the upgrade in technology and several birth control methods available, there are people who still carelessly have sex without any form of protection. This is the case of a woman who has been highly bashed on Facebook for begging for money to take care of her twins despite having 8 kids already.

Most of the reaction from people is how she could still be having unprotected sex knowing how hard things are these days. Her number of kids are now 10 and it’s unclear if they all live under the same roof with her and the whereabouts of her husband is unknown.

She is currently pleading with people on social media to donate some cash to enable her leave the hospital after safely delivering her twins to add to her eight children.

Most of those who wish to help feel the woman deserves to be schooled on how to close her legs.

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Some even advised her to tie her womb to avoid giving birth to more children. It’s funny how most poor people enjoy having unprotected sex and giving birth to kids they can’t take care of. Most of these street children are as a result of careless parenting.

You will see a porter (Kayayo) carrying a baby at her back while carrying a heavy load. The surprising thing is these ladies sleep in people’s shops after they close yet they still open their legs to horny men to have their way without any form of protection.

Well, read some of the reactions below;

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