Government announces review into concerns over pregnancy test Primodos which led to ‘baby deaths, abortions and disfigured young people’

by pregnancy journalist

The Government have announced a review into how the NHS addresses patient concerns about side effects of treatments after a high profile campaign over hormonal pregnancy test Primodos.

Theresa May told MPs at Prime Minister’s Questions that she wanted to see a “faster, more understanding response to patients when they raise concerns”.

Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that Baroness Julia Cumberlege will lead a review how the NHS responds to concerns raised by patients about medicines or medical devices.

In particular, it will look into concerns raised about the hormone pregnancy test drug Primodos, vaginal mesh and sodium valproate.

It will also consider whether any further action is required into the issues, including whether a full investigation or an inquiry is necessary.

Mr Hunt said the response to the issues “have not always been good enough”.

Today Sir Mike Penning, who has campaigned for justice for the Primodos vicitms, asked the prime minister if progress has been made on the issue.

PMQs , the health and social care secretary announced the review in a statement to the House of Commons.

Mr Hunt said that the stress and frustration felt by campaign groups on these issues had often “added insult to injury” as he pledged to come up with a quicker and more balanced system.

Jeremy Hunt said frustration felt by campaign groups “added insult to injury”

“We must acknowledge that the response to these issues from those in positions of authority has not always been good enough,” he said.

“Sometimes the reaction has felt overly focused on defending the status quo rather than addressing the needs of patients, and as a result patients and their families have spent too long feeling that they were not being listened to, making the agony of a complex medical situation even worse.”

The Health Secretary said that Conservative peer Baroness Cumberlege would lead the review.

He also announced a number of measures in relation to Primodos, sodium valproate and vaginal mesh, though ruled out a blanket ban on vaginal mesh specifically.

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