Fall Maternity Clothes You’ll Actually Want To Wear

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Maternity clothes have come a long way since the early 2000s. 

Fall Maternity Clothes You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Maternity wear has undergone some significant changes in the past years. No longer are women covering up with long and loose dresses all the time, or simply wearing sweatpants every time they go out. With the help of celebrities, maternity fashion has improved and it improved for the betterment of all the pregnant ladies.

It actually makes me happy knowing that pregnant women have more clothing choices nowadays. Pregnancy isn’t easy and carrying a baby for nine months is tough. The one thing that can help a woman feel comfortable and at ease is wearing the right clothes to wear and knowing that they look great too!

Fall season is great for women with baby bumps because you have plenty of wardrobe choices. Take a look at my favorites below!

1. Denim Jumper

If you are a denim-lover, there’s no reason why you can’t continue wearing it during your pregnancy. And instead of just wearing the same old maternity denim pants, go for something more street-style like this denim jumper. It looks comfortable to wear and makes for a great casual look too. I’m not sure about the heels though, I know some pregnant women are still comfortable wearing heels, but personally, I prefer keeping the shoes flat to be on the safe side.

2. Babydoll Dress

A babydoll dress – makes sense since you’re having a baby (haha). But seriously, babydoll dresses are so cute when you have a baby bump because the cut fits perfectly on top of your belly. This is one of the most flattering dresses on pregnant women whether you have a small or big tummy. Invest in one now! Although I’d recommend wearing tights or stockings underneath to keep you warm.

3. Hoodie Gal

You know what I love about this look? Everything! That fitted longsleeve shirt showed off her baby bump and that hoodie vest perfectly completed the gray skinny jeans. This girl has admirable courage, even putting on that beanie makes the entire look street chic. I love this ensemble and this what I want to tell you too: Dare to wear it even if you’re pregnant as long as it feels great!

4. Scarf Appeal

As you may know scarves are huge every fall season and this picture above is one of the best ways to wear a scarf when you’re pregnant. Wear a plain top and accentuate with a colorful scarf. Wear denim pants and knee high boots and your fall maternity fashion ready!

5. Keep it Loose

Among all the maternity dresses out there, I believe this one is the most comfortable yet. There are no tight spots or awkward fits. It allows you to let loose, which is probably something you’re looking for given a baby is growing inside of you.

6. Skirt Power

This look has cuteness written all over it. How does it work? You simply put your skirt above the baby bump to make your tummy feel comfortable underneath all that fabric. But while people don’t know what’s going on inside that skirt, all they see is this adorable look! It’s really comfortable too.

7. Button Down

One can never forget the button-down shirts when it comes to stylish maternity clothes. However, I will warn you, this can get a bit tricky. While you’re tummy is getting bigger, you’ll find your shirt being looser on top and you may feel like it’s unflattering on you. The real secret to making this look work is getting the right size, but I’m sure you’ll find one unless you’re in your third trimester and your tummy is busting out.

8. Waistband Land

One of your best friends will be the elastic waistband. This waistband actually helps you wear your favorite clothes without having to get a bigger size that will be unflattering in other parts of your torso. If you get a top with an elastic waistband, it will simply expand on the tummy part and leave the other parts fit as you like it. I’d like to give my hat off to the person who invented this, seriously.

9. The Maxi

Maxi dresses — pregnant women love them because they’re easy and comfy to wear. Especially if it’s a jersey knit dress. However, one good way to give your look an oomph is by wearing a leather or moto jacket on top of your dress. It will add edginess to your look.

10. Embrace Colors

I don’t now why but for some reason, I usually see a lot of pregnant women wearing clothes in simple black, white and gray. I really don’t get why, it could be because they feel like it’s more flattering? But I say embrace the colors! Not only do colors add vibrancy and positivism to your day, it also makes you a glowing soon-to-be mom. Additionally, it’s all about putting the right pieces together too.

11. Dare to Leather

Some pregnant women really want to stir clear of anything fitted or tight just because they are uncomfortable. But if you’re someone who likes wearing fitted clothes while pregnant, I highly suggest you do this look. Wear a leather moto jacket, leather pants and flat boots and you’ll look like a rockstar mommy in no time!

12. Baby Bump Lady

Okay, we can’t help but feel jealous of women who still look sexy even though they’re pregnant. It seems like the only part growing is their tummy. But for most of the pregnant women out there, everything is just ballooning out of control.

On the other hand, what you may not realize is that thin pregnant women also like to look bigger especially when sporting a baby bump, just to keep things proportionate and balance.  If you can relate, go for a top with horizontal lines, it works like magic to get you the added width you need.

14. Leather and Colors

Here’s another look with a moto jacket, but this time, you’re wearing it on top of a colorful maxi dress. I think that woman’s smile says it all!

 15. Jumpsuit Joy

Jumpsuits are great maternity clothes because they’re so comfy especially if they’re made of jersey or cotton. They’re easy to put on and it looks flattering too. However, I will only advice you to wear a jumpsuit until your second trimester. By your third trimester, you’ll find yourself going to the restroom more often and it will be hard if you have a jumpsuit on.

16. Coat Coats

Now if you’re someone who wants to tame down the appearance of your growing body and baby bump, your best friend will be the trusty coat. Coats are great for fall as it will keep you warm, but fashion-wise, it’s great for layering! Add in a scarf and you’ll look like a darling!

17. Comfy Sweaters

I refuse to end this list without fall sweaters. Fall sweaters are perfect for pregnant women because they’re so stretchy and moms-to-be love stretchy clothes. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to look too wide, stay away from ribbed sweaters and opt for solid colors and clean lines. However, if you could care less, ribbed sweaters are always cuter!

Ladies, being pregnant doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. The bottom line is, you just have to know what pieces will work for you. On top of that, you must know what pieces feel comfortable and still look equally flattering. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Enjoy it and make sure you look great and feel great too!

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