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Hello, friends!  Today I’m popping in to share with you some recent Maternity Clothes finds.  I know that there are fierce beliefs about maternity clothes out there.  Some of you HATE them and can size up in regular clothes or get by with what you have.  That’s awesome! For me, I’ve always felt more comfortable in maternity clothes. I find them more flattering (especially in the early months of is she pregnant or not time) and more comfortable (especially in the later months.)  I know not everyone feels that way, and as I said, that’s totally cool! But, I do have several friends who feel the way I do, so I figured today I’d share some of my favorite old and new pieces.  

If I were a good blogger, I would have taken model pictures of all of these, but let’s be honest, I’m no fashion blogger.  So, screenshots it is! 

So, last time I was pregnant, I was ready for maternity clothes by the time it was basically summer the whole freaking time.  (Got pregnant in January, clothes needed for March-October.) This time I get a few months of winter, so I need some new pieces in addition to what I’m wearing from last time.  I’ll share the new pieces first, then what I’m wearing from last time so far!

Stitchfix Maternity Pieces

It’s been a long time since I talked about Stitchfix, but I still get boxes every other month!  Stitchfix is a styling service that sends you boxes of clothes curated based on your style preferences and measurements in the system. Almost anything I’ve ever got that was somewhat “in style” in the last five years probably came from Stitch Fix. 

I like to try on clothes in the comfort of my own home, and I don’t have time to shop in stores (nor do I really enjoy the try on the in-store experience.) I’ve been using the service for over five years, so at this point, the stylists and the algorithm know a lot about my preferences and often send me things I LOVE. They miss the mark too sometimes, but overall I 100% believe the service is worth it for me!

They sent me two maternity pieces in my last Stitch Fix box that I LOVE! 

Maternity Jeans – $78

These Liverpool Mira Maternity Skinny Jeans fit right in all the right places. My previous maternity jeans were Jessica Simpson and fit nicely, but right now, they are a little too big (I was heavier last pregnancy.) Worth every dime I paid for them.  

Open Back Top 

This Full Moon Sophy Maternity Back Detail Knit Top was also a winner from my recent fix.  It’s a bit more stylish than the cotton shirts I bought from Target in bulk.  It has a satin-like finish and looks really good with jeans and short brown boots! 

Knit Dress

This Fortune & Ivy Rosemary Brushed Hacci Knit Dress is so comfy and cute!  I usually enjoy tighter styles accentuating the bump, but I knew for the holidays I’d also enjoy a loser dress to make room for all that delicious holiday food! This one is so cute!

When I liked the pieces I got in my first box, and I requested to keep the same stylist for the following boxes.  Normally I say “you chose” or “different stylist” (if I hate the whole box) but, my experience last time taught me that if someone has a good eye for your maternity style, KEEP THEM.   I liked many of the pieces I got in my pregnancy with Kal, but overall I bought them because I was desperate to have something to teach in and didn’t have time, plus I was too sick to go out shopping.  I don’t think the dresses I got 100% fit my style, but these pieces definitely did, and I’m excited about future pieces! 

You can request any of the above pieces in your next box, but some of them are limited holiday supplies, so hurry! Try out Stich Fix and get a $25 credit using my referral link! 

Old Navy 

Now, I don’t shop that often, at all (as explained above.) But, I shop online for Kal, and Old Navy has the CUTEST little boy clothes ever. So, when Old Navy sent me a 40% off email, I decided to check out their maternity section and ended up ordering a few things I LOVE.  

Bodycon Dress

Beyond Yoga

Speaking of maternity leggings, I ordered some from Old Navy that did NOT pass the squat test (aka see-through.) A friend of mine recommend I try Beyond Yoga so, I ordered two pairs (#livesinleggings), and I could not be happier! These are on the pricier side, but if you wear leggings as much as I do, it’s totally worth it!

Pocket Leggings (always a must)

I mean, you can never go wrong with pockets, and these Spacedye Love, the Bump Maternity Pocket Midi Legging, did not disappoint. They pass the squat test and the practicality test with a pocket for your phone!

Regular Leggings

Spacedye Love, the Bump Midi Maternity Legging, are so soft and comfortable, KJ runs up to me and rubs his hands on them because they feel soft and smooth. It’s hysterical!

I also sized up in these joggers and I love them so much I went back and bought a second pair! 

Okay, so that’s it for all the stuff I’ve bought this time around.  I’m also wearing some old tanks from motherhood maternity, maternity shorts from Target, and random maternity pieces from Stich Fix last time.  Not sure if any of these things are on sale for Black Friday, but it’s worth checking! I’ve been checking for baby gear and so far, it seems like the sales this year aren’t going to be anything special. But, who knows, we will see! 

Are you shopping Black Friday? What are you getting?  

Are you a Maternity Shopper or just a size up person?

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