Eight EastEnders spoilers for next week including haunting moment Gray assaults Chantelle after she takes pregnancy test

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EASTENDERS villain Gray Atkins will lash out and injure wife Chantelle when her pregnancy test comes back negative – and that’s not all.

Here’s your first look at what’s happening in the Square next week…


Gray injures Chantelle when her pregnancy test comes back negative in EastEnders[/caption]

1. Gray lashes out again

Gray and Chantelle return from their honeymoon next week in EastEnders.

The couple renewed their wedding vows to mark a new chapter in their lives, despite Chantelle having second thoughts.

But after their second honeymoon Chantelle insists it’s too early for a pregnancy test.

However, Gray forces her to try again for a baby and leads her upstairs.

It seems that the violence is not over yet.


Chantelle was reluctant to renew her vows to Gray in EastEnders[/caption]

2. Gray injures Chantelle

Things seem to be picking up for Chantelle when everyone welcomes her back at the salon.

But on her way home, Chantelle bumps into Jags and helps him with his shopping.

Little does she know a possessive Gray is watching and she’s stunned later when he quizzes her about him.

Chantelle then takes a pregnancy test and Gray gets aggressive when it’s negative, grabbing her arm.


Louise is at the end of her tether in EastEnders[/caption]

3. Louise struggles to cope

Next week, Louise gets tired of the Mitchells constant arguing.

As Ben vents about Sharon, Louise takes Denny to the café to get some peace.

But when Louise later has a go at Ben for talking about Sharon, Ben is quick to deliver some harsh home truths.


Karen is left disappointed by Billy in EastEnders[/caption]

4. Billy and Karen argue

Tensions rise between Karen and Billy when she tests him next week.

Later, Karen is left disappointed by Billy’s actions.

Could this be the end for the couple?


Whitney is horrified when Leo turns up at the market in EastEnders[/caption]

5. Leo haunts Whitney

Whitney is shocked when she learns a new stallholder is joining the market – Leo.

Whitney gets a double shock later in the week when he arrives on her doorstep and asks for a chance to explain everything.

After everything he’s put her through, will she listen?


Mitch asks Honey out on a date in EastEnders[/caption]

6. Mitch upsets Honey

Mitch asks a thrilled Honey on a date next week.

But things take a turn for the worse on the date when Mitch quizzes Honey when she orders a salad.

He shares some harsh words about her to Bernadette and Bailey.

Honey is devastated when she overhears and her confidence is shattered.


Billy realises Honey is suffering from an eating disorder in EastEnders[/caption]

7. Billy steps in

Honey is quick to dismiss Billy’s worries when he asks her if something is wrong.

Later, Lola sees Billy researching eating disorders and Billy is forced to tell her about his concerns.

Billy decides he has to help Honey.


Ben brutally dumped Callum and told him he didn’t love him in EastEnders[/caption]


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8. Ben moves on

Ben will tell his family he has arranged a date in an upcoming episode in the new year.

Phil will be surprised to hear that Ben and Callum have broken up.

Will Ben really be able to move on so soon?

BBC drama boss Kate Oates and Max Bowden – who plays Ben – have both hinted that this isn’t the end of the road for Ballum, with the soap set to delve further into the fan-favourite coupling in the new year.

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