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I’ve worked with the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust for over 15 years and have built several versions of their website. The current version uses WordPress and was built to be mobile responsive, working equally well on phones, tablets and desktop computers.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

This charity raises awareness of ectopic pregnancies amongst women of childbearing age, the medical profession and the general public. Their WordPress website is a vital tool for providing information and enabling those affected by this medical condition to share their own experiences.

Online discussion forums using phpBB

The website has built up a self-sustaining community by using an online message board. The forums have been a great success with hundreds of new messages per day from women discussing their experiences of ectopic pregnancy and sharing information. The website uses the free and open source phpBB application to run the discussion forums. It has been customised to match the look and style of the main website. It has full admin and moderating facilities and a thriving community of users.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust uses a Google Ad Grant to promote its website

Google gives registered charities up to $10,000 per month’s worth of free online advertising. I manage the Google Ad Grant for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust website, using it to maximise the number of visits they get to their website. We recorded our highest ever number of monthly visits from ads – 15,678 in total – in June 2017. We’re almost maxing out the $10,000 limit.

See below for a snapshot of our success and find out how I could help your charity optimise its Google Ad Grant campaign.

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