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Buying maternity clothes is an essential part of any pregnancy. As your tummy grows, so does your need for new clothes in bigger sizes. Just because you are growing doesn’t mean you can’t still wear cute, stylish clothes. Maternity clothes come in lots of fun styles, and luckily you don’t have to stray from your budget to get them. You can find cute and affordable maternity clothes online so you can save your money for all the other essential baby items on your list. 

Before you start shopping, it is important to think about your lifestyle and the seasons to decide what types of maternity clothes you will need. If you work in an office or a more formal setting, you will need a workplace wardrobe in maternity sizes. If you work from home, you can go for more casual pieces to round out your closet. 

You will want to get the capsule pieces for your lifestyle. However, every pregnant mom-to-be will need the maternity basics: bras, leggings, and a great pair of jeans.

Maternity Basics

Maternity Bras

The most crucial maternity basic you will need is an excellent supportive bra. Before your belly starts to grow, you will notice a significant and sometimes sore change in your breasts, so a good maternity bra is necessary. It is good to use a tape measure and measure yourself as you grow to ensure you are wearing the right size bra. You won’t need to invest in a nursing bra quite yet, but it’s good to know your size because you will probably need to go through a few sizes before your little one makes their appearance.

The best place to buy maternity bras online is Amazon. Amazon has a great selection of maternity bras at great prices. Affordable is the key word here because as your body is changing, you will need to update throughout your pregnancy. Amazon provides lots of reviews and pictures to see the different styles and brands. And, if you are a Prime member, you get free shipping and returns.

Leggings are an important part of every maternity wardrobe. They can be dressed up or dressed down or even worn under dresses. There are many different styles and cuts to choose from. One of the best places to buy this maternity essential online is Blanqi. Blanqi leggings are perfect leggings for the mama-to-be. They have various styles, some over the tummy, some under the tummy, whichever you prefer they have it. The only downside is they are a bit pricey.

If you are a budget-conscious mama-to-be, then you should try The Gap or Target. Both The Gap and Target have a wide selection of maternity leggings at more affordable prices. Both stores make it easy to shop online and return anything you don’t like or that doesn’t fit right.

Every woman needs a good pair of jeans, and when you are pregnant, you need a few good pairs. Pregnancy jeans offer a stretchable pouch in the front to hold your precious belly and fit the way you want everywhere else. Whether you want a skinny cut, boot cut, or straight leg, you can find the best maternity jeans at Old Navy. Old Navy has a mix of style and colors so that you can find the perfect jeans.

Motherhood Maternity also makes excellent maternity jeans. They are a bit pricier than Old Navy and may not have the largest selection. But they do make quality maternity jeans and jean shorts.

Most Affordable Maternity Clothes

When shopping for maternity clothes, you don’t want to lose your personal style or break your budget, so it’s important to shop where you can find fashionable pieces that let you be you. An excellent place to find affordable chic styles that give you a polished look is Kohl’s. Besides great looks and prices, Kohl’s always has amazing sales. They offer discounts and bargains throughout the year so you can look classy and savvy throughout your pregnancy. 

Most Stylish

Maternity clothes come in many different styles. If you are a trendsetter and like stylish, professional attire, you can find some great maternity clothes at A Pea in the Pod. A Pea in the Pod has classy maternity looks that are great for work. You can find slacks, skirts, and dresses to keep your look on point. However, their professional look comes with a hefty price tag that might not fit your budget.

If you are looking for more budget-friendly workplace maternity, wear you can also check out ASOS and H&M. Both have stylish but more affordable looks. They both offer versatile, comfortable pieces that look great and won’t break the bank. You can easily mix and match pieces to put together a professional look for working mamas-to-be.

Maternity Swimsuits

If you are lucky enough to be pregnant during the summer or live in a warm climate, you will need a bathing suit at some point during your pregnancy. First, you have to make the big decision, should you go with a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit. Luckily for you, there are a lot of cute beach looks for the mama-to-be in both styles. offers a good line of maternity swimsuits made with the comfort of the mama to be in mind. They have adjustable straps, side shirring, and an empire seam to help you keep everything in its place.

Another fantastic place to buy maternity swimwear online is Hatch. Hatch has both one and two pieces in a variety of styles and colors. They offer high-end pieces that are cute with quality fabrics. 

If you like to mix and match your swim pieces, you can check out ASOS and Old Navy. They both have a great selection of mix-and-match maternity pieces at a lower price point.

Best for the Active Mama

Are you a mama-to-be that likes to be active? Are you going to yoga, pilates, and other fitness classes? You will need stylish activewear for your gym experience. Pinkblush is a step above other stores when it comes to maternity fitness wear. They have a wide selection of tanks, active tops, sports bras, and yoga pants to keep you as stylish as ever. 

Another honorable mention for great activewear for the mama on the go is GapFit. GapFit has a lot of fun styles and patterns that you can mix and match. They have both long and short sleeves, fitted and loose yoga pants, and shorts. 

Best Second-Hand

Shopping for second-hand maternity looks is becoming more and more common. Due to the constant changing of the pregnant body, some clothes don’t get worn as much as others. There are a couple of great websites that you can find second-hand maternity clothes. They offer the same known brands and popular styles but at a fraction of the cost.

Maternity Traders has lots of cute clothes in different sizes and styles. This site for second-hand clothing lets you shop for fun maternity looks. They are a consignment shop that helps new mamas and experienced mamas find the right clothes. And after your baby arrives, you can use the site to consign your gently worn maternity treasures. You can make some extra cash and help someone else who has a bun in the oven.

Sites like and ThredUp are second-hand sites that cater to men, women, and kids. They also have an extensive maternity section. You can shop slightly used maternity clothes in brand name styles that look great. You can get hot trendy, fashionable clothes while saving money. All the money you save, you can spend on baby gear for your little bundle.

Best Plus-Size Maternity 

Plus-size maternity clothes can be challenging to find. Luckily Target has stepped up and created a lovely line of plus-size maternity clothes. Target carries a maternity line by Isabel Maternity called Ingrid and Isabel. This is a great plus-size maternity line that offers dresses, pants, jeans, jackets, bras, and just about everything a plus-size maternity line should have. The style has cute cuts and designs to suit many tastes.

Walmart and Macy’s both carry plus-size maternity items at different price points, so you can find plus-size maternity clothes to match whatever budget.

Best Place to Buy OuterWear

Finding a good jacket or coat that will cover your growing baby bump can be a challenge. Whether you want a rain parka, a winter coat, or just a light jacket, the best place to find maternity outerwear is They offer an extensive range of styles, so no matter which season you find yourself growing, you can always be covered with one of their beautiful coats.

A few other stores that offer great selections at more reasonable prices are Amazon and Nordstrom.

Best Maternity Footwear

Don’t forget about maternity footwear. As your body grows and more pressure is put on your joints, you will want to wear supportive shoes with arch and cushion support.

Did you know that your feet grow a half size during pregnancy, and sometimes that is permanent? During pregnancy, it is common for feet to swell and retain fluid. Due to the growing size and possible swelling, it is vital to wear the right shoes during pregnancy. Experts agree you should look for a shoe that isn’t too constraining and has some wiggle room. In addition, you should avoid heels because your growing tummy can affect your balance and equilibrium, leaving you more prone to falls.

Functional maternity shoes don’t need to be ugly. You can find many cute styles at Zappos and Amazon. Both stores offer a mix of brands that are made to keep your tootsies safe and cushioned with room for them to grow. 

Shopping for maternity clothes online is easy. There are many stores to check out, and you can find something that looks great without leaving your couch. You can enjoy your pregnancy staying home indulging in cravings rather than finding a parking spot at the local mall.

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