Best Non-Maternity Clothes for Pregnancy • This mom of 8 shares her tips!

by pregnancy journalist

Want to look amazing while pregnant but don’t have a fortune to spend on a new maternity wardrobe? Today I’m talking about 5 great ways to extend your regular wardrobe and how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes!

Are you of the opinion that every pregnancy needs maternity clothes? Or do you feel that your regular wardrobe can be used to accommodate a baby bump??

I fell firmly in the first camp for my first couple pregnancies, and most definitely while pregnant with the twins because I was as big as a house! (No really. Maybe just the size of a smallish bungalow but definitely some sort of house.) But since then, I’ve learned a few tricks for making my regular clothes work longer and longer during pregnancy.

I also love analyzing current trends to see what will work with a growing belly; so today I’m sharing the 4 BEST non-maternity pieces (plus a bonus tip) to get you through most of, if not all of those exciting 9 months!

1. Leggings and tunic: if you don’t already know of my undying love for this pairing, you most be new around here 🙂 This combo is comfy, cute and can work for any time of the year. Just grab a flowy short-sleeve tunic and light leggings for summer and a thick turtleneck sweater for winter! I love these regular leggings and these maternity ones for the later months.

2. Knit & sweater dresses: these are perfect for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters when you’re big enough to show and don’t mind flaunting the belly a little! I recommend sizing up for the 3rd trimester though, and/or looking for fabrics that are super stretchy.

Try throwing on a vest or the cardigan I’m wearing in these pics (SO SOFT!) if you’re self-conscious about extra pregnancy lumps and bumps around the hips and bum.

3. Flowy boho tops: these are one of the greatest trends happening right now! These blouses hide any size of belly and are perfect for the first trimester before you’re ready to announce, as well as during the postpartum months.

4. Knit ponte pants: I mentioned in this post how these are my secret weapon for any time I’m carrying some extra pounds- either from pregnancy or just too much dessert. Try wearing them with the flowy tops mentioned above!
(side note, I actually am wearing maternity jeans in these pics and they’re one maternity splurge I highly recommend! These are my faves.)

5. My last recommendation isn’t for a specific article of clothing but instead just a strong suggestion to buy some cute clothes in bigger sizes! We women have a hard time doing this for some reason, but pregnancy involves lots of body changes and it’s so much easier to get dressed (not to mention feel good about yourself) if you’re not trying to squeeze your bum into too-tight pants every day.

I have a few tops and pants that are about 2 sizes bigger than what I usually wear and I get so excited when I pull them out of my closet! Wearing them gives me permission to just let my body do what it’s meant to do, both during pregnancy and especially afterwards, without any ridiculous expectation to “bounce back”.

Even after 7.5 pregnancies, I still think that splurging on an entirely new maternity wardrobe is kind of unnecessary…and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of my maternity clothes! Hopefully these tips will help you save some money while still looking great during pregnancy.

(PS. my heels shown here are sold out but check out how cute THESE are!)

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