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‘You peed on that’: Woman is slammed after using her pregnancy test on a CAKE to announce her baby news

A photo showing a cake topped with a positive pregnancy test has shocked the internet, with many disgusted by the lack of hygiene.

The snap, taken by an American woman, was anonymously uploaded to an Australian cake shaming Facebook page and showed the test being used as a DIY cake topper. 

‘You literally pissed on that stick, but sure, go ahead and stick it on top of the cake,’ the caption read.

Those who’ve seen the topper say they’re revolted by the prospect there may still be traces of urine on it – and shocked a fondant decoration wasn’t used in its place. 

A snap of this cake proudly declaring ‘We’re Pregnant’ also comes complete with a positive pregnancy test as a topper

‘Dude, I don’t care if you put the lid back on it… don’t stick something you peed on on a cake! That should not have to be said!’ Said one.

‘That’s f*****g gross. Hands down no amount of bleach that could ever make that okay,’ said added.

One commenter said they agreed even if the creators of the cake had attempted to make the tester more hygienic, it still was deeply unappealing.

‘I don’t even like bringing food into a bathroom let alone putting a whizz stick on the food… even if they bleached it that is still uncomfortable and not appetising in any way,’ they wrote.

Others said they as far as they were concerned the same effect could have been achieved by making the topper out of fondant. 

‘Maybe the pregnancy stick is just very realistic fondant? Somehow I doubt that though,’ said one hopeful commenter.  

While commenters weren’t against the couples’ joy per se, they were upset the cake was topped by a positive pregnancy test which may have contained traces of urine (stock)

‘I guess it’s fine just for a prop photo but they could’ve just had one made out of frosting,’ said one.

Another added: ‘A malformed fondant pregnancy test would be better.’

‘Who wants to be thinking about that when they go to have some cake?’ Asked another.

A few said aside from the pregnancy test topper, they were upset the person had written ‘we’re pregnant’ on the cake as it appeared old fashioned.

I hate that ‘we’ sh*t. She’s pregnant, ‘we’ are going to have a baby,” said one.

While another said: ‘I get irrationally bothered by people saying ‘we’re’ pregnant when referring to a couple in which one person is carrying the child.’

Baby reveal cake appears to have used pregnancy test topper appears unhygienic

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