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A transgender man who was taking testosterone supplements fell pregnant despite having no periods. Because doctors had told 28-year-old Wyley Simpson that he would never become pregnant, it was a miraculous surprise for both him and fiancé Stephen Gaeth when the “impossible” happened. Now he has come forward to reveal that he gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, which only cemented his bond with his fiancé and the baby, strengthening their small family unit.

However, Wyley said he would not want to become pregnant again because it was unbearable to be out in public. He would face “daily abuse and judgment” from strangers whenever he was out of the house.

Wyley lived with Stephen in Texas and began his transition from female to male seven years ago back when he was only twenty-one. Although he was on testosterone therapy and was told by doctors that pregnancy was out of the question, Wyley became pregnant back in February 2018. It was a miracle for the happy couple.

However, Wyley was concerned when the reality of pregnancy hit him. He began to face constant abuse and ridicule from strangers as they realized that a man was pregnant with a baby boy.

However, the torture ended when Wyley gave birth to a healthy baby boy in September 2018. The boy Rowan was delivered by C-section and weighed 7 pounds and 5 ounces. Because they now have a baby boy to shower with love, the process was worth it, but he does not want to go through it again.

He said, “It’s not every day that someone sees a pregnant man walking down the road, so we received a fair amount of abuse. I would be told that I’ll never be a man, ‘men don’t carry babies,’ and everyone called me ‘it.’”

The unprovoked abuse from strangers was a lot for Wyley to handle. However, Stephen supported him throughout the pregnancy and helped him get through it.

Although Wyley still has his female sex organs, he underwent surgery to remove his breasts and therefore will formula feed Rowan.

Although Wyley had not had a menstrual period “in years,” when he first met Stephen.

“We talked about testosterone and what I had been told by his doctors and what he had believed to be truth,” Stephen said. “Turns out, that wasn’t truth.”

When Wyley started having morning sickness, he learned he was eleven weeks pregnant.

“I was nervous. I was very emotional. I started crying,” he said. “I didn’t know what to do.”

The pregnancy was a surprise. The public was not supportive.

“I had to deal with a lot of stigma behind me being a pregnant man. Alongside receiving rude comments from other people, the pregnancy took a lot for me emotionally. Having gone through the transitioning process since I was 21 years old, having a physical baby bump was something so feminine that it messed with my head. But it was all worth it to have Rowan and to become a father. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

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