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A Pea In The Pod Maternity Clothes

If you are not familiar with A Pea In The Pod, it is a retail brand that specializes in maternity clothes. They’ve been around for awhile and are known to have a collection of stylish maternity clothes. And I have to agree that I’m impressed with their selection. They carry fashion brands that I know and love. Their motto is “40 weeks of chic” aka #40WEEKSOFCHIC.

So when I became pregnant, I immediately knew that I would shop and buy clothes at . Fortunately (and full disclosure), they recently reached out to me and wanted to know if I was interested in showcasing their pieces. So today, I’m sharing the pieces I received from them and giving a review i.e. sizing, quality, etc. Just a heads up, I selected pieces that are classic and basic. That way they are more versatile.

A Pea In The Pod Maternity Clothes

Before I share all the pieces I received, I want to clarify what I mean by ‘true to size’ when I talk about sizing. True to size in this context means I am able to wear my pre-pregnancy size. So whatever was your pre-pregnancy size, that’s the size I believe would be best to get. My pre-pregnancy size was a size small and my height is 5’4″ and chest is 32C. My chest size has never changed in this pregnancy because I no longer have real breasts from my mastectomy.

I was also 31 weeks pregnant in all these photos.

It’s no surprise I love overalls especially during my pregnancy. It’s all I share as my outfit of the day on Instagram haha. Now these Tencel Maternity Overalls are added to my daily outfit rotation.

SIZING: Fits true to size. It’s cropped style but because of my height it is more ankle-length on me. It has a straight leg style.

REVIEW: Comfortable! I also love that there is room to wear a chunky sweater. Since majority of my pregnancy has been during Winter, I want to make sure my overalls have room for a thick sweater. The fabric is super (made with twill). The straps are adjustable. As my belly gets bigger, I am able to adjust the strap to accommodate the bump. I’m wearing the olive color but it also comes in black.

I always feel the need for a striped top and I’m a fan of this one because of its neutral colors and classic style.

SIZING: Fits true to size. It is tunic length. Personally, I think this striped top will be great for postpartum too.

REVIEW: The fabric is very soft which is key in pregnancy. I don’t know about you, but my skin has been extra sensitive and I can’t handle rough or scratchy fabrics. I’m wearing the tan stripe color, but it also comes in navy stripes.

I love the je t’aime print on these pajamas. It’s still very neutral with some Parisian flair which I think is really cute. In general, I’m not a big fan of overly printed pjs.

SIZING: Fits true to size. The pajama top is tunic length and the pajama pants are worn under the bump, but it is possible to wear over the bump earlier in your pregnancy.

REVIEW: BUTTERY SOFT!! You definitely want to sleep in this. It’s so comfortable and I personally think every mama will love this pj set.

This is actually my first maternity t-shirt. But I finally needed one because I’ve outgrown (or more like my belly has) them and I look like Winnie the Pooh in them haha.

SIZING: Fits true to size. There’s a lot of stretch to the fabric.

REVIEW: Before I was pregnant, I didn’t like or understand why maternity t-shirts have the ruching. But now I’m so glad they do. First of all, the ruching pretty much disappears because your belly stretches it out and the ruching is made to accommodate the bump. This style makes it so much more comfortable to wear a classic t-shirt and now I’m a big fan. I wish I bought this early on. I’m wearing the classic white color, but it comes in several other colors.

I’ve been a long time wearer and fan of Articles Of Society Jeans. The quality is amazing and most of their jeans are under $100. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they have maternity jeans! It was hard to capture, but there is some distress on the left knee and fraying in the ankles. Hence why I’m posing awkwardly to try to showcase it haha.

SIZING: Fits true to size. Pre-pregnancy I was a size 27 and that’s what I got.

REVIEW: These jeans fit just as amazing as their non-maternity jeans. I personally think they might be my favorite maternity jeans. The band fits over the bump and it actually stays up! They’re super flexible and so flattering. They fit ankle-length on me. HIGHLY recommend them!

I also wanted a pair of non-distressed black maternity jeans. So I figured I would try this out.

SIZING: Fits true to size

REVIEW: Very impressed. However, I was hoping it would be more ankle-length/crop length, but unfortunately it was more of a full-length jeans on me. So I think these are made for taller women (taller than 5’4″). But otherwise, I love the way it fits. It’s made with their B(Air) fabric which is known to be lightweight denim fabric and flexible. I agree and it is very lightweight and doesn’t feel like you are wearing jeans! It has an over the bump fit and the band stays put too. This pair of jeans is a bit of a splurge, but it may be worth it if you plan on wearing jeans all the time. I recommend getting this early on in your pregnancy so you get the most wear out of it.

During my pregnancy, I felt like I kept purchasing and gravitating towards darker denim washes. So I selected this pair because of the wash and I have a similar non-maternity version.

SIZING: Fits true to size

REVIEW: I like that these jeans aren’t too light of a color. It definitely feels like you are wearing jeans, but there’s still some stretch to it. I actually like how they look on me. Sometimes with lighter denim wash, they are not always flattering so I’m glad these are! These jeans fit below the bump. It has the side panel stretch to accommodate the bump. These jeans are also a bit of a splurge, but I do recommend them.

A Pea In The Pod Review

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with my pieces from and do recommend any expecting mamas to check them out. I like that they have a variety of price points from affordable to designer prices. So they definitely have something for every budget. The more affordable prices fall under the ‘A Pea In The Pod’ brand. You’ll know it is their brand because they don’t list the designer name when you click on the item.  As you can see, I was pleased with those pieces as well. They’re affordable and made with high-quality.

Not only do they offer maternity clothes during your pregnancy, but they also offer clothes that are suitable for or that. I didn’t showcase it in this post, but they also have such as bras, panties, robes, and tights.

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