7 Chic Outfits That Prove Stylish Maternity Clothes Exist

by pregnancy journalist

Between shapeless shifts, unflattering stretchy pants, and uninspired undergarments, shopping for stylish maternity clothes can be a daunting task for even the sartorially savviest among us. Given the limited options out there, it’s no surprise that we get comments all the time asking for pregnancy outfit ideas. So we asked stylish mothers-to-be to send us photos of their go-to ensembles and reveal their favorite places to shop. Trust us when we say these women will give you hope that stylish maternity clothesdo exist.

Here, seven expecting mothers share their favorite looks, their go-to sources for bump-friendly clothing, and their pregnant celebrity style icons.

A go-to source: “I love Matta for dresses that work with the baby bump but aren’t maternity specific. They have beautiful, unique pieces that are perfect for holiday parties, like this, this, and this.”

A pro styling tip: “I love wearing a lightweight robe, kimono, or duster over a dress. It adds a nice layer, gives me some arm coverage, and looks cute with the bump.”

A surprisingly hard thing to shop for: “Shopping for nursing bras can be so overwhelming. I recently discovered Boobdesign and fell in love with their fit. The bras are so comfortable, simple, and flattering. Great basics to have on hand.”

Your pregnant celebrity style icon: “Jessica Alba! She always looks so put together but also like she is embracing her pregnancy and what is happening to her body. She isn’t trying to hide the bump.”

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A signature look: “Belted kimonos for day or night. They’re basically like socially acceptable robes!”

A go-to source: “With the exception of a few pairs of maternity jeans and pieces from Hatch, I shop at all the usual suspects and just buy smart. Things like oversize cashmere sweaters, slip dresses, vintage frocks, and outerwear will all work just as well (if not better) postpartum.”

A pro styling tip: “Have fun with your accessories and don’t be afraid to play with trends! Rock those over-the-knee boots, toss on a newsie hat, and continue dressing and feeling like you.”

A surprisingly hard thing to shop for: “Shopping for nursing bras was a little overwhelming. All modesty goes right out of the window! Oh, and sex appeal.”

Your pregnant celebrity style icon: “I love looking back at old photos of Princess Diana. She was so classic that it all feels relevant. For something a little more current, I love to see what celebrity stylist Monica Rose does Chrissy Teigen. It’s always fresh!”

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A go-to source: “One of my new favorite online sites is Storq, which offers great maternity essential pieces that are transitional throughout pregnancy. I love their black jumpsuit, which can be worn for all nine months! It is so lightweight and made of a stretchy, comfy fabric, which is my go-to when I want to throw on a jumpsuit but be comfortable and chic. You can dress it up or down which makes it even more perfect!”

A pro styling tip: “During pregnancy, I always go for comfort first, then dress up my look. I want to be comfortable and make sure my pregnancy style mimics my non-maternity style. Always stay true to your sense of style with or without a bump.”

A surprisingly hard thing to shop for: “A good transitional bra has been the hardest thing to find during all three of my pregnancies. I am still on the market and actively searching for a bra that will last and still give you the lift you need for after you stop breastfeeding.”

Your pregnant celebrity style icon: “I love Chrissy Teigen! She just announced she is pregnant again, and I can’t wait to see her pregnancy style this go-around.”

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A go-to source: “Revolve, Shopbop, and Topshop have been my go-to stores for maternity shopping. Revolve and Shopbop have so many options and free shipping and returns, which is very helpful when you’re unsure of what size you currently wear. Topshop’s maternity line is both stylish and affordable.”

A pro styling tip: “Monochrome dressing is great during pregnancy since wearing one color tends to elongate your silhouette yet still allows you to show off your bump. I have also found that wearing formfitting clothing is more flattering to my new, growing accessory than wearing looser items.”

A surprisingly hard thing to shop for: “The hardest thing to shop for has definitely been maternity pants. I’ve found a few good pairs from Paige Denim, but I find myself wearing non-maternity leggings most of the time.”

Your pregnant celebrity style icon: “I love Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy style. I like how she keeps things simple yet chic.”

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A signature look: “A jumpsuit.”

A go-to source: “I love everything from Ilana Kohn. I wore two of my Ilana Kahn jumpers nearly my whole pregnancy; they did a perfect job of hiding everything but the belly. I loved throwing one of my husband’s button-up shirts over my jumpers to hide things that I didn’t want to show.

“I also had a Black Crane dress that I wore when I wanted to look a little more dressed up, but there is a great way to dress it down a bit with sneakers.

“I also loved a dress from First Rite that I wore a lot in the first and second trimester. By the third, I couldn’t get into it, but I went back to it a few months post-birth (and when I say a few I mean six). First Rite is a fellow vendor at West Coast Craft; I just love supporting my fellow female artisans in the Bay Area.”

A surprisingly hard thing to shop for: “Finding shoes while pregnant was tough! I stuck with comfortable shoes like these Nike Roshe Ones. I bought them in a few colors, but toward the end, I couldn’t wear ANY closed shoes.

“So then I went to loafer/mules like these loafers from St. Agni in Australia. I loved the fact that I could still wear these until the very end when my foot was two sizes bigger! I still wear my St. Agni mules every day. Nearly all of my friends have a pair! They are so easy with everything. Post-pregnancy, I have noticed that my foot has remained a half-size larger; I had to replace nearly all of my shoes, but my mules still work.

“Also, during pregnancy, I was gifted with a nursing bra. I found that it worked well for me, but bras are so personal.

A pro styling tip: “The one thing that I have noticed about my style now that I am a mom is that it’s not much different from my pregnancy style: Comfort and casual is number one, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be stylish. I tend to wear pajamas at home because my son is constantly getting things (like puke) on me. I change my clothes right as I am leaving the house. This helps to make the day a little easier.”

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Go-to shopping source: “I’m obsessed with Shopbop. They carry a variety of different designers, so I’m always able to find an outfit for any occasion. Also, they have an amazing selection of maternity denim, and their app is super user-friendly.”

A pro styling tip: “Avoid buying a lot of ‘maternity’ clothes and instead buy oversize tops and sweaters so you can wear them post-pregnancy.”

A hard thing to shop for: “Undergarments! But I recently discovered Cosabella’s maternity line and have fallen in love. Their underwear and bras are so comfortable and definitely worth the investment.”

Celebrity inspiration: “Pernille Teisbaek.”

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A go-to source: “Since finding out I was pregnant, I was pretty committed to not buying any actual maternity clothes except for a few pairs of denim. I have been obsessed with Zimmermann dresses throughout my pregnancy. So many of their cuts are perfect for a growing bump and have taken me through all nine months! I also love what the girls at Shop Tilden are doing. It’s the perfect edit of pregnancy-appropriate clothes that you can wear postpartum as well, which makes you feel a bit better about splurging.”

A pro styling tip: “When I’m not pregnant, my uniform is a pair of high-waisted jeans with a simple top tucked into the front. I really struggled, in the beginning, to adjust to not being able to wear my fave jeans with that messy front tuck but quickly realized that I find it much more flattering to highlight my bump than to drown it.”

A surprisingly hard thing to shop for: “I have really struggled to find a good basic white tee. I find a ton that I love, but they just don’t fit over my bump the way I want them to. They are either too tight, too short, or too baggy.”

Your pregnant celebrity style icon: “I loved everything Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore while pregnant. Chic, classic, and a little bit sexy!”

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