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Do I Make Working Mothers Feel Like They are Not Good Enough?

by pregnancy journalist
“You sure do know how to make working mothers feel like they aren’t good enough. My child is thriving and because I work, she has a roof over her head, clothes on her back, and food in her belly. I don’t see anyone else doing this for her!” I receive these types of comments often from working mothers. I asked the women in the chat room how they would respond to comments such as these. Lindsay: “It just shows how sensitive women are to this issue because they know their rightful place is in the home, caring for their children. […]

The fungus, the pregnancy test and the battle to save Canberra’s frogs | The Canberra Times

by pregnancy journalist
news, latest-news, fungus frogs pregnancy test, fungus killing frogs, were frogs used as pregnancy tests, northern corroboree frogs, frog breeding Canberra, act conservation projects, corroboree frog Tidbinbilla, endangered species in ACT A flesh-eating fungus linked to the once-common use of frogs as pregnancy tests is now threatening a last stronghold of endangered amphibians in Canberra’s high country. Forty odd years ago, rangers up in the Brindabellas couldn’t hear each other speak over the loud croak of northern corroboree frogs on the night air. Then in the 1980s, the chytrid fungus reached Australia, spreading an infection now responsible for wiping out […]

Maternity leave for parents with premature babies should be allowed to start later, says this new mum – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

by pregnancy journalist
Maternity leave for parents with premature babies should be allowed to start later, says this new mum Posted November 03, 2019 07:04:06 Emma Sharp had already used up 14 weeks of leave before her newborn son was healthy enough to come home. Key points: Baby Caelan — Emma and Luke Sharp’s first child — was born on February 12, 2017, weighing just 1,013g. The tiny Territorian came into the world 98 days early and needed to stay at Royal Darwin Hospital for more than three months to make sure he could survive in the outside world. “I was lucky I […]