Maternity clothes on a budget

How to save money on maternity clothesThis is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Savers. The opinions and text are all mine. I last shared how to save money for spring shopping at the thrift store and had a lot of fun finding outfits at my local Value Village. This time I want to share how I’m saving money on maternity clothes! Being pregnant in the summer is a bit easier in that I can buy simple pieces like flowy tops and dresses, however since I will be in my third trimester during the summer, I really don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes I might not wear again. MATERNITY CLOTHES ON A BUDGET I headed into Value Village and was so excited to find so many cute things to fit my bump, all under $10! You don’t have to look for specific maternity items, just keep an open mind to stretchy fabrics and flowy silhouettes that will be able to work with your growing belly. I also buy things 1-2 sizes larger than my normal size. I found quite a few options (see below for everything I found!) and ended up coming home with these two tops and a […]

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The Horrifying History Of The Pregnancy Test

The Horrifying History Of The Pregnancy Test

In A Nutshell

In the years prior to the ubiquitous plastic sticks we use today, pregnancy was determined by injecting a woman’s urine into mice and rabbits, which were then dissected to see the results. Frogs were used later: They would go into ovulation within hours if the result was positive. The frog test was the world standard until the 1970s.

The Whole Bushel

Today’s pregnancy tests are mostly foolproof and incredibly accurate, but those administered in olden times were far more dubious. The link between urine and pregnancy was understood as long ago as ancient Egyptian times; they would pour the woman’s urine over wheat and barley grains. If it germinated, that meant she was pregnant. Whether the wheat or barley sprouted would indicate the sex of the fetus. Obviously, this methodology was flawed on many levels. The technology did not improve significantly during the Middle Ages: Most tests during this era were outright quackery.

After the link between pregnancy and hormones was established at the beginning of the 20th century, the A-Z test was invented by chemist Selmar Aschheim and gynecologist Bernhard Zondek in the late 1920s. It was a rather cruel trial—five female mice were injected with the urine of a prospectively pregnant woman over the course of a few days, then dissected. If their ovaries were swollen, it would indicate that the woman was pregnant. Later, rabbits would be used.

Shortly thereafter, British zoologist Lancelot Hogben pioneered the frog pregnancy test while conducting research at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. The Hogben Test involved injecting the woman’s urine into the African clawed frog. If the woman was pregnant, the frog would ovulate in a matter of hours. Most importantly, the frogs could be re-used and would not have to die to complete the test. Though it sounds terribly archaic today, the Hogben frog test was the world standard in pregnancy testing for decades. The African clawed frog would go on to have a lasting legacy in animal testing, becoming the first vertebrate species ever cloned.

Unfortunately, the African clawed frog is also the the carrier of a deadly fungus called Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, which infects the skin of amphibians and causes them to die within weeks. The clawed frog has evolved so that it is unaffected by the fungus, but the disease has now become a major threat to hundreds of other amphibian species that have not built up an immunity.

Show Me The Proof

  • inconspicuous detective

    at the risk of sounding like an idiot, what does the last paragraph have to do with the article? about the clawed frog and fungus?

    • I’m thinking they mean since the frogs, who a carriers of a deadly fungus, also had a part in cloning, they are the reason other species are getting wiped out. More frogs equals more death. Really though, that last paragraph could have been a “fun fact!” or left out.

      • inconspicuous detective

        that’s what i mean, and i figured that but i wasn’t completely sure that they were cloning then releasing the frogs. it just seems totally out of place and random given the context and what the article is about. and thanks for helping clear that up.

    • I agree it was mildly interesting completely unrelated fluff.

      • Not fluff, I think it was a marvelous tie in covering how human convenience may lead to ecological disaster without proper forethought. Good job Mike 🙂

    • I think it was misplaced. The last paragraph lost me

  • Nice article but I don’t know if i would call this “horrifying”? Disturbing? Maybe.

  • I knew a gal who drove a Volkswagon Rabbit. Her car eventually could no longer be repaired, and she called her mom and said” the rabbit died”. I won’t repeat what her mom said in reply, but mom felt very sorry once the story was re-explained.

  • Why is it horrifying, great reading but I felt as if it was incomplete the writer talked about the history of pregnancy test but he didn’t follow up to the modern pregnancy test we need more details on that and how is it accurate and how is urine is an indicator to women’s pregnancy. Thank you great reading though

  • You can’t catch me ’cause the rabbit done died.

My Ectopic Pregnancy Story

A Woeful Wednesday:

Ectopic pregnancy awareness

There are so many things that have crossed my mind during these past  few months. But there are no answers that I can find anywhere to really help put my mind at ease. I guess it doesn’t help that I am a chronic overthinker and google research expert.

The back story

Paul and I decided we wanted to start trying for another baby in February. I was very on the fence about a second as Eve was such a challenging baby in terms of sleeping. But now that she’s older and things have become so much easier, I have started to crave another baby like nothing else.

In June – June 16thto be exact I started spotting very lightly – I know this is a lot of information to disclose online but I need to outline all the symptoms so that I can hopefully help someone identify what is happening to them.

I thought it was implantation bleeding from what I had read online and was excited but not getting any positive home pregnancy tests. After a week of spotting I called my OBGYN’S office who told me that it just happens and I’m probably not pregnant just going through something ?!?  So I went with it. 2 weeks after the spotting started I really felt awful; dizzy, lightheaded, exhausted and overall unwell.  At this point I chalked it up to a hormonal change and went to my GP’s office.

What happened next:

They ended up doing a blood test for pregnancy. It came back positive but my HCG levels were very low – 146 so they wanted to do an ultrasound to see if anything was present in my uterus. At this point nothing was found.

I was told to come back on Monday to see if the HCG levels were rising or dropping they came back at 66 so the conclusion that was made is that I was having a spontaneous miscarriage.

Of course this was sad and shocking. But being so early in a pregnancy it was understandable and I made my mind up to not let it get me down and to just try again as soon as possible.

After 2 subsequent weeks of more spotting  (a month total), and feeling awful I thought this must just be me going through a miscarriage…

Symptoms I was experiencing:

Spotting for weeks on end




Chronic lower back pain

Total exhaustion

The Discovery

On July 18thI had put eve to bed and was sitting on the couch trying to unwind when out of the blueI felt like someone was punching me in the stomach.

The pain was so excruciating I couldn’t catch my breath or walk up the stairs. The pain I was experiencing was worse than labour pains.  Paul was away so I thought I would suck it up take some advil and figure things out in the morning. But by midnight I couldn’t cope, I called my sister in law to come watch Eve so I could get myself to the hospital.

What happened next:

At the hospital, they did my bloodwork and found that the pregnancy hormone had risen again to 99 so there was definitely still a pregnancy in my system but where??

After an ultrasound they discovered an embryo 5cm in size in my right fallopian tube.

There is a drug called methotextrate that can be used to help women dissolve ectopic pregnancies but the cut off point is 4 cm and would not work in my situation.

My only option was to undergo Laproscopic surgery to remove my right Fallopian Tube and the pregnancy.

The Surgery:

They go in through your belly button – so an incision is made in your belly button then your belly is puffed up with c02 so that the surgeon can see what is happening internally.

2 smaller incisions are made on either hip – I think this is because they need to release the air.

The surgery takes about 1-1.5 hours and you are kept overnight for monitoring. I did get sick off the aneasthetic and vomited over night so they wanted to keep me for a second night but I was really against it and wanted to get home.

The doctors believe I was around 2 months pregnant based on the size of the embryo they had to remove. It could’ve ended so much worse for me. Ultimately my tube would have burst and could have lead to internal bleeding which can be fatal.


Of course there is a lot to heal both emotionally and physically but I am so relieved that I am alive and on the mend that I am keeping my eye on the beautiful gifts the future hold for me and my family.

This experience has left me devastated but at the same time so happy it’s a very strange combination of emotions. I am grateful for my friends, family, gorgeous daughter, the hospital that took such good care of me, my husband who is a definite angel personified, my clients, my Instagram pals and in general all the strong and amazing women who have reached out and shared their stories.

So while I allow myself to go through all the necessary emotions and recover from this ordeal please know you are not alone and that you are so much stronger than you think <3


Shira xo

photography by Emily D Photography 

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First Choice Pregnancy Test Review

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For many couples, the time of testing for pregnancy can be a nerve-wracking one. It doesn’t matter whether the pregnancy was planned or not. The nervousness among the women and men are the same as they are about to have a lifetime experience.

When do you become pregnant? We usually suspect about being pregnant only when we are late. How do you come to know about the pregnancy?

Being late for the period does not necessarily means that you are on the family way. So, now comes the time when you have to test it.  You are eager, anxious to know what’s cooking in the bun.

However, with the introduction of initial pregnancy testing methods at home, you don’t have to keep guessing whether you are going to get a happy news or vice versa. These versatile sticks have put an end to the long process of getting urine sample tested.

This small stick makes a deliberate attempt to inspect the growth of hCG hormone. It is first produced at the early stage of implantation.

While using the stick you are always advised to ensure if the pregnancy testing stick works in a proper manner. It can be misleading and might lead to severe complications.

All this would be tainted if you got a false result, be it negative or positive. As per the doctors, we should opt for the best-selling pregnancy kit.

It’s essential that you get the best results for both your peace of mind as well as future planning. Before we begin, let’s look at some of the finest pregnancy sticks in the market.

The First Choice Pregnancy Test – 3 Pack pregnancy stick might not have two different options, but it does make it easier for women to test for pregnancy. There is a choice as one can use it midstream while peeing or use a cup.

This is made possible due to the design that makes it easy to use. The results are accurate, easy to read and quick to show.




As above said features state, this pregnancy stick is capable of stating the record 10mIU levels of pregnancy. As this level is considered an ideal level of FSH found in pregnant women.

With this, any woman who has just missed or noticed even a single day of delayed periods can use this pregnancy stick in order to determine pregnancy and act accordingly. However, this is a fact that calculating lowest levels of FSH help a lot.

It leads to a faultless display of results taking not more than 3 minutes. The test can display clear lines that noticeably states whether you are pregnant or  not.

This is done by displaying darker results on the screen so the one who is conducting the test is sure about the beginning of her gestation period.

The designing of the stick is remarkably done in order to make its use as comfortable as possible. You can either drop urine on the stick using a dropper.

Alternatively, you may dip into the cup of urine.  In addition to this, covering the stick also helps in keeping the test safe and free from all kinds of mess.

Simple as it may sound, each test is neatly wrapped and you can use new test every time. This way this stick guarantees to provide 100% explicit results.

Although, every kit has laid a specific set of instructions written on it the process is common to all. First Choice is one of the ultimate pregnancy testing stick that is available all time around near you. Alternatively, it can be purchased via online shopping.

However, this kit can easily calculate the hCG levels 6+ days before you miss your period. Due to this, many women can save the occurrence of miscarriage by taking supportive medications immediately.

Pregnancy testing stick is an awesome product when you are on the family way. Considering the brand name, if you are looking for an alternative, the Easy@Home pregnancy test kit is its best competitor.

This product is again used for similar utility and getting results within a couple of minutes. In all honesty, we’d choose the pregnancy test from First Choice. This is because it has shown to have a higher accuracy level as compared to the one from Easy@Home.

Another product, which could become the competitor of the First Choice Pregnancy Stick is the Clear blue Digital Pregnancy Test  with Smart Countdown. A unique feature of this test kit is that it provides you with countdown of when you can expect the results, after you’ve done all that is necessary.

However, the price of this product is a bit more compared to First Choice Pregnancy Stick, and it comes in a pack of only one test kit.

All in all, the First Choice Pregnancy Stick remains true to its name, because it is the first choice for women who want to check if they are pregnant or not.

Pregnancy testing was never so easy. With the introduction of pregnancy test stick, every woman has it on her mind every time she misses her period.

So, if you are about to test your pregnancy or preparing yourself to pee on a stick, the First Choice pregnancy stick will be your most approachable and available choice. Say no to ghost lines when you have First Choice pregnancy stick.

It ensures no more false or fake testing. So, if you are going to be a mother, you will know that, and can plan accordingly for your child’s future.


Best Maternity Clothes You’ll Actually Wear

Dress: ASOS  |  Earrings: Baublebar  |  Boots:  BP.

Last night I just finished packing up all of my maternity clothes and unpacking my pre-pregnancy clothes.  As I was purging my maternity pieces and choosing which items to give away, I realized that I have a really great grip on which brands and products are the best in the pregnancy world…  I’m basically a maternity clothing expert at this point, having been through most every maternity brand out there, haha.

If you’re in the market for maternity clothing for yourself or a precious mama in your life, look no further.  Here’s a list of the best maternity items by category, so you know where to spend your money and where to save it.

Photography by Kara Coleen.

Best Maternity Clothes You’ll Actually Wear

Best Denim (Under the Bump):  Madewell and Paige Denim.

Best Denim (Over the Bump):  Ilitia and Ingrid & Isabel.  If I’m being totally honest, I much prefer over-the-bump denim due to comfort.

Best Maternity Bra:  While pregnant, my go-to bra for everyday wear was my Classic T-Shirt bra from Third Love.

Best Nursing Bra:  Cosabella Trenta Wireless Bra.  I wear this bra every single day.  It’s soft, comfortable and the most nursing-friendly bra in my lingerie drawer.  They also make amazingly soft PJs.

Best Nursing Bra Deal:  If you’re on a budget, then you can’t beat this two pack for $25.  The colors are classic and the delicate lace is a nice compliment to any low-cut top.

Best Undies:  Giftpocket from Amazon.  I tried multiple brands of underwear for pregnancy and these were my favorite, hands down.  They grew with me and were also wonderful during my recovery.

Best Corset:  I tried several different corset brands and the Bellefit Corset was the winner for me.  This corset protected my incision, helped with my posture and made my shape look so much better.  This is the number one item I would recommend for postpartum moms.  Check the bottom of this post to enter to win a Bellefit Corset for you or a new mama in your life!

Best Shapewear:  Yummie by Heather Thomson.  I wore my Yummie slip dress under my dresses during and after pregnancy, which really helps to hide VPL.

Best PJs:  I love my Cosabella PJs, but if you’re on a budget, this sleepshirt is amazing for pregnancy and especially nursing (I’m wearing it as I write this post, lol!)

Best Maxi Dresses:  PinkBlush Maternity.  PinkBlush has everything a mama-to-be may need, but I especially love their selection of dresses.  Their maxi dresses are comfy, stretchy and come in so many different styles and prints.

Best Tops:  I have several places I turned to for maternity tops that I loved: Ingrid & Isabel, ASOS, H&M and Seraphine.  So many great options at different price points.

Best Nursing Tops:  Loyal Hana makes amazing quality nursing-friendly tops and dresses that are so stylish.

Best Yoga Gear:  Beyond The Bump was my favorite yoga gear brand while pregnant.  I loved their leggings and two-piece sets.

Best Leggings:  This is a tough one.  I tried so many leggings during pregnancy and after, and I found that the overly hyped pairs were the ones that definitely didn’t live up to my expectations.  Instead, my favorites are:  David Lerner, Ingrid & Isabel and Beyond the Bump.  The ever-so-popular BLANQI leggings that basically everyone talks about were a let-down.

Best Accessories:  Maeband Waistband Extender and Snoogle Body Pillow are my top two best accessory purchases.

There are plenty of non-maternity options that you can wear throughout your pregnancy, you may just have to size up.  But the cool thing is that there are so many maternity brands out there that you can choose from, so you’re not limited in your choices.


I’m giving away three Bellefit Corsets: one Corset Thong size: Small, one Dual-Closure Girdle size: Medium, and one Girdle with Zipper size: Extra Small.

To enter, all you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter here by entering your email address (if you’re already subscribed, skip this step) and comment below on this blog post with which corset size you’d like to win and let me know who you’d like to win it for.  Could be for yourself or a friend!  I’ll choose three winners from the comments.  Giveaway will close this Saturday, April 28, 2018.  Good luck!

Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) Murah

Kembali bersiaran. Hari ni nak cerita barang murah. Aku suka barang murah ni. Korang pun mesti suka sangatkan. Nak-nak sekarang zaman semua benda nak GST. 

Alkisah aku nak share pasal satu tempat ni kau boleh beli banyak-banyak sebanyak mana kau suka UPT. Alah, bukan basi pun beli banyak-banyak. Agak-agak belilah 25 ketul, tiap bulan guna 2 kali. Gitu.
Kejap, kau tau tak UPT tu apa? Kat atas aku dah mention “Urine Pregnancy Test”. So, untuk apa UPT ni? Aku pasti, majoriti satu dunia ni kalau dah kahwin mesti tahu benda alah ni. Benda ni untuk check sama ada kau positif mengandung atau tak. Kalau naik double line, insyaAllah kau mengandung. Alhamdulillah. 
Aku dulu beli dari kina ni. Aku beli test-test baru sekali pakai alhamdulillah, aku mengandung Darwish. Dah seketul dah jadi budak hujung bulan ni 2 tahun. Alang-alang dia dah nak 2 tahun, konon-konon aku nak berTTC lah. Kalau ada rezeki, adalah adik buat Darwish ni. Hihi. Malu pula tetiba cite mengandung-mengandung ni. 
Serius murah harga yang kina tawarkan banding kat kedai, farmasi. Pastu kau tak payah susah-susah bersolek lawa-lawa, start kereta, jalan kaki, pergi farmasi, bayar kat kaunter. Sekarang semua di hujung jari. Klik klik klik, sampai depan pintu rumah. Terus boleh masuk bilik air, check kau mengandung ke tak. Sebegitu pantas! hahaha. Gelojoh sangatkan.
Meh aku cerita sikit harga yang kina boleh bagi kat korang. Serius memang murah amat !

No minimum order ! Kau beli sekeping pun boleh, momantai. Tapi macam biasa. Makin banyak beli harga makin murah.
1) Pregnancy strips (celup) = RM0.80/pc
Buy 10pcs free 1.

2) Pregnancy cassette (titis) = RM3.00/pc
Buy 5pcs free 1.

Nampak, ada free lagi kalau beli banyak. Dahlah harga barang murah, penjual pula bermurah hati. Terbaik ! Bukan pregnancy test sahaja yang ada, tapi kina ada juga jual ovulation test.

Apa benda ovulation test ni? Yang ni untuk check bila waktu subur. Kalau jenis yang period terabur bila datang ikut suka tu, wajib beli ni. Chance untuk pregnant lagi tinggi bila tau waktu subur. 
Ovulation test hanya ada jenis strips.

Ovulation test :

Strips (celup) = RM1.00/pc
Buy 10pcs free 3 ovulation test ATAU boleh pilih
Buy 10pcs free 1 pregnancy cassette berharga rm3.00
Pos laju semenanjung RM6/ sabah sarawak RM9
Belian RM35 ke atas dapat FREE pos laju untuk semenanjung.
Belian RM40 ke atas dapat FREE Pos laju untuk sabah & sarawak.

*Setiap hari ada postage kecuali cuti. Bayaran sebelum pukul 12 tengah hari, pos pada hari yang sama.

Untuk tahu lebih lanjut, atau ada pertanyaan, korang boleh usya:

Facebook page : theshopablog (20 reviews 5 stars)
Instagram :


Ectopic Pregnancy: What Is It? Know The Signs…

First things first, what is an Ectopic Pregnancy? – An Ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants in a location outside of the uterus, most commonly in one of the Fallopian tubes or the neck of the cervix. An Ectopic pregnancy can’t proceed normally. The fertilised egg can’t survive, and the growing tissue might destroy various maternal structures.

There are no main reasons why some women end up having an Ectopic pregnancy. Once a woman is sexually active, or has reached the child bearing stage, she is already at risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. However, the chance of an ectopic pregnancy occurring is high if a woman has had any of the following:

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  • a previous Ectopic pregnancy,
  • fertility problems or treatments,
  • age factor
  • abdominal surgery.

Ectopic is not hereditary neither is it caused by extreme exercises, miscarriages or abortions.

Signs of an ectopic pregnancy are very similar to all normal pregnancy symptoms, but a few stand out such as:

  • Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is fairly normal. It differs a bit from the normal menstruation bleeding, it sometimes starts and stops and can be dark brown to light brown. If this happens, one should seek medical help as soon as possible.

  • Tummy Pain

You may experience tummy pain,  low down on one side. It can develop suddenly or gradually, and may be persistent or come and go. Tummy pain is a symptom of a lot of other illnesses, it shouldn’t however be taken lightly if one is pregnant or suspects to be pregnant.

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  • Shoulder Tip Pain

Shoulder tip pain is an unusual pain felt where your shoulder ends and your arm begins. It’s not known exactly why it occurs, but it can be a sign of an Ectopic pregnancy causing some internal bleeding, so you should get medical advice right away if you experience it.

  • Abnormal Bowel Movements

Diarrhea, pain when going for a pee or for a poo might occur if an Ectopic pregnancy is present. These are also signs of other illnesses such as Urinary Tract Infection, (UTI). If this happens while pregnant or you suspect to be pregnant, please contact medical help.

It is important to remember that an Ectopic pregnancy usually comes with the same symptoms of a normal pregnancy. However, the main life threatening and altering symptom is a sign of a rupture.  This is when the pregnancy is large enough to split open the Fallopian tube. Signs of a rupture include a combination of:

  • a sharp, sudden and intense pain in your tummy
  • feeling very dizzy or fainting
  • feeling sick
  • looking very pale

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It is also important to note that this can also be symptoms of other illnesses, if they occur when a pregnancy is present or when one thinks that she is pregnant. Please seek medical advice as soon as possible.


Maternity Clothes, Japas , & Nurseries

“Our baby is an acrobatic alien”, I said to the boy after my second trim ultrasound. Well it was kinda true- as much as the nice ultrasound man kept showing me arms, legs and the like I could not for the life of me figure out what was what . I could see a cute alien-looking face and the fact that his  legs were folded in and over his head (Like hello- future yoga master ?) but the rest I just nodded and pretended to know what he was saying. Anyway, Im 19 weeks along and kicking off the bump diaries with a few changes in my life…

Stuff doesn’t really fit anymore

Iv noticed people staring at my belly like- did she just eat two pizzas?? NO people, im forming a human inside thank you very much and because he/ she  is being formed … I can no longer fit into my jeans. I have thats why bought a bunch of stuff which I think will also be perfect for me after maternity (cos who wants to be stuck with clothes you will never wear again)  .

So far my favourite places to buy Maternity wear in India are

H&M Mama : The cutest maternity t shirts. They fit well and have a nice little pouch on the belly… They don’t hang like a sack and I live in the gunjees at home. I have all these three above  See here 

Next  & Dorothy Perkins Maternity on Jabong : Specially think this set from Next is quite useful . It has basics you can use.

Regular floor length or short maxy dresses in stretchy fabric.: Bought a bunch of jersey dresses via which I had showed on my insta story. I also think it makes a lot of sense to not buy maternity dresses per se but just regular dresses with an empire waist. This way you can use them later.

Maternity jeans & tights: I bought a pair of maternity jeans from H&M Mama which is  nice but honestly any pair of maternity jeans iv tried Iv found uncomfortable after 3-4 hours. I just dont like that stretchy thing across the tummy. In comparison, maternity tights are a blessing. The H&M ones are good and if you can get a pair from Asos, those ones are amazing. SO comfortable. You can always throw on a loose shirt, with tights and a scarf for easy maternity style

Printed cotton dresses from Anokhi, Nicobar, Fabindia, AND : These are super comfortable and floor length and perfect for summers

Rubber band trick: I also got to know about this rubber band trick and OMG its a lifesaver ! A lot of my jeans fit me well around my legs but they don’t shut because of the tummy, so when you do this, they don’t need to shut . Just wear a long top and voila ! Caution though- don’t wear anything too tight around the belly

The Boy…

Bless the boy , I love him but the man is as clueless as a freaking pumpkin. In the middle of the night , for some reason his arms flail about and somehow manage to smack my tummy right in the centre. Like seriously this is why I have a problem when people say “We are pregnant”. I mean hello- he’s scarfing down sushi and alcohol infront of me without a care in the world. He also doesn’t have nausea, doesn;t have to think about clothes that fit, doesn’t have to worry about getting his blood drawn every two weeks so no . We are not pregnant . We are having a baby. I am pregnant. He is just the male species in the house  trying to be considerate of the pregnant person next to him.

Essentials to buy for baby arrival

Some of you guys on Instagram have been so amazing, I got a full list of reccomendations from a bunch of you on things you need to buy . Also my mommy best friend sent me reccos too and the strange thing is, even though none of you know each other everyone reccomended the exact same things. If you guys want me to do a post on this let me know, cos i found it super useful !!!


My Japa ‘Agent’ was literally the seventh person to know about my pregnancy. For those unitiated, Japas are trained baby nurses which you hire for the first three months. SOme people find them too bossy and hate them, some people love theirs but I have definitely already booked mine. You get them from Calcutta and they cost between 18k-35k a month. (One lady quoted me freaking 40K bro..which made me think this is actually a pretty lucrative career opportunity if you like babies! When I asked her why so expensive, she was like “I get my own homemade lotions and potions”. Umm no thank you). Here are some agent numbers I know of to book your Japa.

Hiralal Agency: 9903030010

Another Agent: 9971923802

Nursery Plans

Advantages of having a brother who is an architect- I can throw stuff at him everyday about what I want my nursery to look like. Given I don’t know whether this kid is a boy or a girl I have to pick a neutral color scheme and so far Im leaning towards yellow , white and grey . I might throw in a bit of turquoise in the middle just for my happyness. That extreme left nursery in the pic- Im pretty sure thats some sheikhs baby- my room will probably accomodate 1/10th of the things there. Oh also, I know it’s the in thing to put inspirational quotes in your baby nursery but hullloooo- the baby wont be able to read it much less understand it Im going to put this one…

Atleast this way, when the baby is pooping and crying and driving me nuts I can look at a wall and giggle.

What Im eating + skincare

This will take another post but no Im not on any special diet. Just that I eat 6 small meals a day instead of 4. If you are having major heartburn, acidity issues try it . If you guys want I can again do a detailed post on my everyday food habits because they have changed a little bit since I got preggers. Also my skincare routine has changed cos I have to eliminate AHA and Retinol from it so if you want a post on that Ill do that too..

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