20 Ideas For Tall Maternity Clothes – The Outfits That Inspire Your Style

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It can be very difficult to find flattering clothes when you are pregnant, especially you’re tall women will generally make it even harder. Because you will want to look your best when you are tall, there are a few things that you will need to consider and styles to enjoy when shopping for tall maternity clothes. Knowing how to dress for your height will ensure that you look and feel your best throughout your pregnancy.

Check out these 20 styles and clothing options if you are pregnant and taller than other women, and you are sure to feel confident and beautiful. Knowing how to dress for your body will ensure that you feel great.

1. Choose Horizontal Stripes

image: popsugar.com

Tall girls have a benefit of being able to wear horizontal stripes without looking short and frumpy. See this cute dress at Popsugar, and you’re sure to fall in love not only with its simplicity, but also how comfortable you are sure to be when you wear it.

2. Go for Graphic Design

image: stylebyalina.com

Bright polka dots will draw attention to you for all of the right reasons, as seen at Style by Alina. If you love your legs, then feel free to go a little shorter with a polka dot dress, as you are sure to stand out in the crowd.

3. Wear a Shawl

image: dearlynoted

Shawls are a little less structured than jackets and coats, but they will still keep you warm and allow you to add interest to your outfit. See how to look great when wearing one over at Dearly Noted.

4. Choose Great Boots

image: bondgirlglam.com

If you are going to wear boots, then pay attention to how Bond Girl Glam does it so that your legs don’t appear shorter than normal when pregnant. Tall girls can wear boots, they just have to be the right ones.

5. Embrace Feminine Fabrics

image: popsugar.com

At Popsugar, you’ll see that just because you’re tall doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t embrace more feminine fabrics. Look for a lace dress that will make everyone stop and look twice when you are out.

6. Roll Up Your Cuffs

image: everydayfamily.com

Keep your legs looking long and lean by rolling up your cuffs. This is an easy style that you are sure to love, so check it out at Everyday Family.

7. Go for Flats

image: onceuponablogbyjulia

While shorter girls may look even shorter wearing flats when they are pregnant, tall girls can wear flats and still look amazing. See how to style them with a cute dress at Once Upon a Blog.

8. Pair With Great Purse

image: lifebylee.com

The right purse will make any outfit look great. One great thing about purses is that you can continue to wear and carry the same ones that you had before you got pregnant, helping you retain some of your original style without any effort. Check it out at Life by Lee.

9. Show Off Your Shoulders

image: popsugar.com

Baring your shoulders is a great way to ensure that you don’t look out of proportion when you are pregnant. While many women focus on how long their clothes are, which is important, showing a little skin will draw the eye up your body and make you look great, as seen on Popsugar.

10. Opt for a Tie

image: stylebyalina.com

A dress that ties around you is not only great because it will grow with you as your progress through your pregnancy, but because it gives you a lot of movement. See how to wear this great option over at Style by Alina.

11. Enjoy Leggings

Every tall girl should have leggings in her closet, and like you see at Bond Girl Glam, you can keep wearing them while you are pregnant for a perfect mix of comfort and style that you are sure to love.

12. Choose Bold Shoes

If you are going to be showing off your legs as they do over at Style by Alina, then you need to make sure that you have great shoes, as all of the attention will be on your legs. While you may not want to embrace your height, now is not the time to be shy.

13. Embrace the Holes

Holes in your jeans can look amazing and make your legs look even longer. See how to wear holey jeans without looking out of place over at The Jeans Blog.

14. Cover with Jacket

image: stillbeingmolly.com

Bright colors will make your outfit pop and keep you looking and feeling great. Don’t be afraid of bold patterns or colors, as they are sure to keep you standing out and standing tall, so check it out at Still Being Molly.

15. Add Some Bling

image: mode-sty.com

At Mode-Sty, you can see how a plain black dress looks better than ever when it has some bling and embellishments added to it.

Taller girls can wear more layers when they are pregnant without looking very rotund. See the style at Stella Steria.

17. So Long Dress

image: stillbeingmolly.com

When you don’t want to show a lot of leg then opt for a dress that is floor-length like at Still Being Molly. This dress will still impress everyone and ensure that you are appropriate for the situation while making sure that you feel confident and comfortable with how you look.

18. Use a Bow

image: bondgirlglam.com

Over at Bond Girl Glam, you can see how easily you can transform a cute maternity dress into something nicer with a large ribbon tied into a bow. This will help showcase your bump and make sure that you look tall and lean.

19. Wear a Long Jacket

image: stylebyalina.com

If you want to show off your legs with a short skirt or dress, then pair it with a long jacket like at Style by Alina. This will not only help you stay warmer when it’s chilly out, but it will keep you looking evenly proportioned.

20. Look Luxe in Leather

image: popsugar.com

Tall girls can still wear leather, and these leggings shown at Popsugar will make you look and feel great. They are sure to make you feel a little tough and will help elongate your already attractive legs.

When you want to look great while pregnant and you’re a little bit taller, then try out one of these great styles. You’re sure to feel great and look confident.

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