17 Ironic Comics From a Dad of 3 Who Knows What Paternity Leave Is All About

by pregnancy journalist

“In fact, I don’t recommend that any parent take care of their children alone. Everyone needs a balance in their personal life, work, and taking care of children. So, dads and moms, support, love, forgive, and help each other without asking.

I also have an idea for how you can spend an hour or 2 tomorrow. If you have friends with little kids, especially those under 2 years old, pay them a visit and say, ’I was passing by, and I know how difficult it is with children. Maybe you need to go buy something at the supermarket or pharmacy? Or maybe you want me to stay with your child for 30 minutes while you do something urgent?’ Or just bring them lunch. You have no idea how much such a little thing can help young parents.”

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